Gaudio Spaziodesign and the rebirth of the ‘Rubini’ store

Gaudio Spaziodesign and the rebirth of the ‘Rubini’ store

In the heart of the main pedestrian axis of the lively city centre of Bisceglie (BT) stands an icon of style and sophistication: the new ‘Rubini’ clothing store. With over two decades of history in the local weaving industry, ‘Rubini’ has decided to embark on a bold journey of rebirth, a re-foundation project that promises to redefine the shopping experience in the area.

The core of ‘Rubini’s’ business has always been represented by medium high-end clothing brands, offering a curated and sophisticated selection for a discerning clientele. However, over the years, physical expansion of the business and a reduction in the fluidity of the path within the exhibition space have led to difficulties in space management.

To address this challenge, a bold and innovative intervention was necessary. The re-foundation project was assigned to the architect Giorgio Di Bitonto, whose concept drew inspiration from the creation of a unique, fluid, and continuous exhibition space, inspired by the conceptualization of a museum gallery.

The new space proposes a path along the entire perimeter. A thin metal sheet guides the visitor along a journey of discovery. Every element has been carefully studied, from the perimeter metal hangers to the lacquered platforms, to offer an engaging and memorable shopping experience.

At the centre of this unique and continuous space stands a nucleus distinguished chromatically by Pantone Rhubarb, conceived as an architectural fragment. Metallic materials, lacquered platforms, and architectural fragments harmoniously blend with the choice of a grey silver spigot-patterned vinyl carpet, enveloping the nearly 300 square meters of retail space.

The lighting choices, characterized by continuous light lines and accent notes, enhance the corners and attract the attention of potential consumers.

All this would not have been possible without the valuable collaboration of Gaudio Spaziodesign, which contributed to the realization of wooden furnishings, defining containers, platforms, and counters that optimize the functionality of the exhibition space. Gaudio is a Puglia-based company with a tradition of more than a century in the sector of Italian high-quality woodworking, distinguished by its ability to combine tradition and innovation to offer exclusive and high-quality solutions.

Attention to ethics and the environment represents another strength of Gaudio, which produces and uses green energy through the processing of wood from forests managed in a completely sustainable manner.

In conclusion, the new ‘Rubini’ store represents excellence in the local retail scene, a place where beauty, functionality, and innovation come together to offer a unique shopping experience. Thanks to the far-sighted vision of clients, the creative mastery of architect Di Bitonto, and the precious work executed by Gaudio Spaziodesign, ‘Rubini’ confirms its status as a reference point for fashion lovers in Bisceglie and beyond.