Technical Department



It is here that the journey begins in the creation of refined furnishing solutions of excellent quality.

The Gaudio Design Project area is the place where young architects, technicians and designers develop new products and interior solutions among the most innovative ones, adaptable to the needs expressed by the client, while keeping an eye on functionality and uniqueness.

Professionals at the service


From the preliminary analysis to the research of the most suitable materials, from the development of the prototype to its engineering. Thanks to the value of its technical department, the company plays a strategic role of support for architectural firms, offering a complementary consulting, through turnkey services in both the designing and manufacturing stages.
Gaudio Spazio Design - Interior Design
Gaudio Spazio Design - 3D Scanner - Technical Department

Management of the working process


Both indoor and outdoor surveys are taken with very high precision instruments. The 3D laser scanner technology produces as a result a cloud of three-dimensional points that reproduce the real object. Each point contains information describing its position in space (X, Y and Z coordinates) and color (RGB components). This methodology of three-dimensional digital survey, besides being well established for the measurement of the current state of civil works, industrial plants, infrastructures and sites, is of very high value for accuracy and speed.
Unlike the traditional topographic survey, a laser scan allows to obtain a continuous, complete and metrically accurate geometric and photographic measurement of the object, considerably reducing the margin of error and optimizing the working times of the process itself.
Gaudio Spazio Design - Rilievi con scanner 3D
Gaudio Spazio Design - Progettazione Esecutiva

Executive Design

Thanks to a versatile and specialized team of architects, designers, surveyors, master cabinetmakers and technicians, Gaudio Spazio Design is able to meet all kinds of aesthetic and functional needs, following the client step by step along the entire path of customized creation of their furniture, from the idea to the development of drawings, even engineering and industrialization of the product, by means of the most advanced machinery and technology in use, opening to synergistic partnerships with organizations, companies and universities and research institutes for the most ambitious projects.

Research and Development (R&D)

There can be no development without research and vice versa. The department dedicated to Research and Development is fundamental for the entire production process, especially for a company that has in its genetic heritage the values of continuous research and innovation. Through constant analysis and monitoring of the reference market, the team can find and propose alternative solutions to production processes, create new products or update and optimize those already on the market. This is perfectly in line with the company’s mission, which focuses on improving people’s quality of life. Gaudio Spazio Design keeps in its heart the tradition, in its soul the present, and in its eyes the impulse towards the future and the evolution.
Gaudio Spazio Design - Ricerca e Sviluppo
Gaudio Spazio Design - Project Management

Project Management

The lifecycle of a project, from inception to completion, follows a path in which unforeseen events and problems may occur and need to be solved as quickly as possible. Thanks to a proven experience in the high-end market, professionals in this area can combine skills and competences by establishing a precise work plan, consisting of definition, planning, execution and control of activities, up to the delivery and completion of the project, in full respect of resources, commitments, deadlines and especially of the approved budgets.


Ranging from the technical to the managerial area, all our team can provide support and concrete answers in every project stage involving the company and the client. In a relationship of reciprocal exchange, the purpose of the assistance department is to leave no one behind, provide prompt answers, and assist each client in every phase of the project, from paperwork to logistics and operations.
Gaudio Spazio Design - Technical Department - Assistance