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The Architects:


Gaudio is a key partner of important Italian and international architecture and design firms.

The long experience gained in the field has made the staff of this company perfectly aware of the importance of the implementation of a creative idea according to precise standards of quality and time.

Gaudio’s team is able to support the professionals in all design stages.

Gaudio’s Quality


In order to grant maximum efficiency, respect delivery times and drastically reduce the possibility of error, Gaudio Spazio Design executes and monitors all the technical stages, according to strict quality protocols, essential to the implementation of design ideas: surveys and production of executive drawings, constant and meticulous control of all the handcrafted stages of production and finishing, from testing to the preparation of the packaging suitable for shipment or transport, up to on-site assembly carried out by skilled personnel.
Gaudio Spazio Design - Studi di Architettura - Controllo delle fasi

Accurate service


A single interlocutor, who realizes and plans high-end design solutions, accurate and meticulous, able to meet the needs of each customer, in order to achieve a participatory and productive cooperation for both parties.

Are you an Architect?

Gaudio has the motivation, skills and enthusiasm to cooperate on innovative and ambitious projects. If you are an architect or an interior designer, we will be happy to help you realize your idea. Why don’t we talk about it?