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PHS Europe brings together leaders in the luxury residential and commercial real estate industry and aims to develop, inspire and offer networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, affiliated professionals and specialized suppliers. Located in the American Midwest, namely in Chicago, PHS comes to Europe, starting in Italy, entrusting its expansion to Giambattista Gaudio.

I am happy with this opportunity to represent the Made in Italy in the United States (…)
We are counting on starting important operations that can not only enhance our industrial district,
but also bring to Italy and Europe several opportunities related to the world of American luxury furniture.

Elegance, quality and research are the distinctive features of the Italian design style and Gaudio, with its company, its history and experience becomes the representative of these values throughout Europe and the World, without ever stopping.

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Gianbattista Gaudio

alla Presidenza Europea di PHS

Press release the important company PowerHouse SMART (PHS)
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