TNK – The Natural Kitchen, showcased at the “Worldwide Moscow”, “Index Dubai” and ” Salone Internazionale del Mobile” fairs,  displays a singular example of fusion between tradition and contemporary technology, featuring linearity, space, comfort, consenting one to feel at home in the atmosphere it brings into being. The precious wooden blockboard has been selected for the fulfilment of two main purposes: to give this furniture strength, as well as a precise aesthetic expression. Its all-natural feature is enriched with high-tech stainless steel elements, combining, tihs way, nature’s energy with technology’s accuracy in a contemporary environment. It is made up of three modules (same size and shape) and a kitchen island, which can all be opened and closed as pleased.

Regia walnut blockboard solid wood structure and container doors with dovetail joints; AISI 304 stainless steel accessories: feet, bushes, reinforcing bar for shelves, hinges; teflon glass, wine glass and coffee cup holders; multilayered birch drawers, containers and accessories; sliding tops for the kitchen island, functioning mechanically on invisible runners.

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