MWF house / MILAN

In collaboration with the Corfone & Partners architectural firm, Gaudio has created the furnishings and finishes of CASA MWF: the main heart of the project is PURE, a dynamic and transformative kitchen, characterized by the island’s trapezoidal monobloc, entirely in CorianĀ® DuPont, from which emerges the remote control lift accessories. The flush-mounted cupboards integrated into the home hide and reveal, through the recessed doors, an operating area in national walnut that gradually degrades in the side bookcases and throughout the living environment: the massive trunk of the table evolves into evolutions dynamic colors on all the other surrounding furnishings. The wooden floor, entirely produced, laid and finished in place converges on the spiral staircase, embracing it through the suspension of powerful stainless steel cables; everything is done with the utmost attention to detail design, which shows the skill between tradition and technique.

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