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The Gaudio company was born from a family tradition handed down from father to son and has three generations of experience in the field of custom made design of bespoke furniture.
Gaudio stands out in the “made in Italy” furniture scenario for a unique story of refinement, elegance and quality. It has a more than centennial tradition that begins in Molfetta, in the Bari area, and which continues to be written in the name of innovation, preserving the heritage of the cabinet-making experience. Gaudio is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-end customized furnishings, in the field of interior design, especially for the kitchen, living and bathroom area, up to contract solutions.
Innovation, research, development, quality and finishes of materials, ethics and the environment are the key aspects on which the company develops and operates.

Research of materials, innovative production technologies and craftsmanship wisely combined to offer the best solution

Gaudio is an eco-friendly company and accelerates the step towards responsibility, producing and using green energy, thanks to its photovoltaic system. The wood used comes from forests and plants subjected to forest cutting control and managed in a sustainable manner and in compliance with forest certifications, from an ecological, economic and social point of view. All the materials that make up Gaudio products are natural, non-toxic and recyclable.
Respect for nature and for people, both for those who make the products and for those who will have to live them, is the driving force of the company. An assembly line is not used in the conception of its products. It is therefore always the man who dictates the working times, and not, on the contrary, the machine. All Gaudio products are adapted to the needs of each individual, in order to improve the quality of life of each, ensuring safety, comfort and well-being.

All Gaudio products are designed and produced in Italy. Furthermore, they are made by specialized technicians who operate on remarkably advanced machinery and modern high-tech numerical control systems. All this takes place in synergistic combination with the craftsmanship of skilled and expert master cabinetmakers. Being an eco-friendly company, Gaudio does not adopt toxic elements or substances of any kind for its products, which are entirely made of wood (both inside and outside). The treatment of painted surfaces for Gaudio products is water-based without formaldehyde, while a mixed cycle is adopted for the lacquered surfaces. Products of natural origin and, consequently, ” not harmful ”.

Wood is the main material used, to which natural stones, metals, crystals, leather are combined … Gaudio creates its furnishings by customizing them and making them exclusive.

The art of designing spaces aimed at creating functional and innovative projects

The Gaudio Design Project area is the forge of ideas! 360 ° design, prototyping, industrial development and engineering.
It is the area where young architects and designers develop new products and types of interior design, able to provide unprecedented solutions for daily living to a demanding clientele, to whom highly customized solutions are offered, concrete design responses that contribute to a unique and recognizable stylistic definition.
Starting from a careful examination of the preliminary project data, a meticulous design research is carried out which is expressed in executive projects and 3D photo-realistic visualizations (rendering), aimed at simplifying the understanding and awareness of the exclusivity and uniqueness of the furniture project .

A strong business reality aimed at researching and developing trends, tastes, new dimensions of high quality manufacturing.

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